One of the area’s most successful engineering firms, CDI has professionals registered in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Indiana. At Civil Design Inc, we utilize the latest technology available in surveying, data collection, and engineering. We produce client-based solutions that help you maintain a competitive edge in your market.
We believe communication and collaboration are the foundations of success. As a client of CDI, you are the most important member of our team. We will work with you from concept to completion to ensure we exceed your expectations

Jeffrey Cooley - Chief Executive Officer at Civil Design Inc.

Jeffrey Cooley, PE

Carey Bretsch - President & Co-Founder at Civil Design Inc.

Carey Bretsch, PE

Chris Brozik - VP Structural Engineering at Civil Design Inc.

Chris Brozik, PE

Andrew Kangas - Vice President at Civil Design Inc.

Andrew Kangas, PE/LS

Jason Petersen - Project Engineer at Civil Design Inc.

Jason Petersen, PE

Brian Ruppelt - Project Engineer at Civil Design Inc.

Brian Ruppelt, PE

Nick Antony Web - Civil Engineering Intern at Civil Design Inc.

Nick Antony, EIT

Cole Bungarden - Civil Engineering Intern at Civil Design Inc.

Cole Bungarden, EIT

Elizabeth Bauer, EIT

John Schinkel - Civil Engineering Technician at Civil Design Inc.

John Schinkel, LS

Jesse Ulvestad

Cade Marttinen

Andrew Klinger, LSIT

Colin Potts, LSIT

Deanne Vaske - Office Manager at Civil Design Inc.

Deanna Vaske

Stevie Van Hill